Luxury Portfolio 2014 Holiday Gift-Guide

The holiday season is upon us once again,
conjuring up that annual gift-giving anxiety
in a quest to find the perfect present. We
know it can be a bit time consuming, to say
the least, so we’ve put together a list of this
year’s hottest gifts that are sure to land you
in everyone’s good graces.

2014 – Luxury Portfolio International

The iconic red soles of French designer
Christian Louboutin’s shoes have long been
a resounding fashion statement, and now
it’s one that your nails can make, as well,
with the Loubi Under Brush.
Inspired by calligraphy, the custom-designed triangular
brush provides a subtle yet sophisticated
accent to any manicure. If there’s a woman
in your life with a passion for Louboutins,
there’s a good chance she’ll go crazy for
this one.

You know we love luxe-collaborations, so
Bentley Motors
teamed up with renowned Swiss ski maker zai, we knew we were in for a treat. Designed for all
abilities, these handcrafted skis deliver the utmost speed,
smoothness and stability, just like a Bentley,
not to mention unmatched style with the famed
wings logo. If you enjoy feeling good while
looking good (and let’s be honest – who
doesn’t?), the zai for Bentley skis are the
obvious choice for the skier on your list.

Nothing beats curling up with a warm cup
of tea this time of year, and the
Dammann Frères Bayadère Set
is a must-have for
the tea-drinker in your life. Packaged in
an exquisite
box, the set
comes with an
assortment of 21 original teas from the
distinguished French master blenders.
Unwind with a host of complex flavors and
a variety to suit any occasion, from an Earl
Grey Yin Zhen to a Jasmin Chung Hao.

If you know someone special who just
got the new iPhone 6,
or will be getting one
this holiday season, this
Python iPhone 6 Case
from Barneys will ensure
they keep it safe and
sound while looking great
too. It doesn’t take much
for these super sleek
phones to slip out of your grasp, but with
a chic snake skin case you won’t need to
worry. Styled with a durable silver-toned
frame, it’s the perfect addition to any

Combining holiday tradition and iconic
elegance, the
Butterfly Gingko Ornament
from Michael Aram

will add a touch of
glamor to any tree and
is the perfect special
something for a fabulous
holiday gift exchange.
Hand-sculpted using
natural bronze and
stainless steel, the special piece evokes a
sense of charm and fantasy with Michael’s
signature style.

When you’re a kid, it doesn’t get much
cooler than
bunk beds,
yet Posh Tots
has managed
to raise the
bar with the
Tropical Surf
Shack Bunk

. Your
little ones won’t believe their eyes when
you surprise them with the ultimate island
experience. The only downside is sending
them to their room won’t be much of a
punishment anymore.

Three words: chocolate covered bacon.
If there’s someone on your list who loves
both (we’re guessing just about everyone),
you can win this holiday season with the
Bacon +
Gift Box
chip pancake mix? Check. Bacon toffee?
Check. Bacon caramels? Check. There’s
plenty more, but you should be sold by
now. Whether you want to gift it to a friend
or keep it around the house, this decadent
union of bacon and chocolate is a match
made in heaven.

The holidays are for spending time with
friends and family, so now that you’ve
found the perfect gift, you can ensure the
rest of your time is spent with the people
who matter most.