What happens behind the scenes when you list a luxury property?

Blomgren Listing ApproachMy clients never see the full commitment I put behind every listing or sale, but the unseen work is exactly what makes me one of the top luxury agents in our beautiful desert year after year. I commit my resources to the success of a sale from the moment I agree to represent your home.

I invest thousands of dollars annually in multiple advertising and marketing strategies, and employ my staff of experts to work at reaching your real estate goals.

In addition to the advertising that I personally initiate, Bennion Deville Homes has 3 exclusive print publications, including the most recently launched Estates Collection featuring the finest in desert luxury estates valued at $2.5 million and up. Digitally, Bennion Deville Homes’ broad media exposure covers the range of available digital advertising media as well with over 50 national and international online listing syndications and social media platforms that reach millions of viewers annually.

For Sellers, our focus remains on your property until it is sold and closed.

For Buyers, we are known for our ability at matching the right buyer with the right home in the right community.

What is the best advice you have for a luxury homeowner wanting to sell?

I would want them to know that marketing luxury properties is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. Over 30 years creating relationships, networking with genuine luxury real estate Brokers and negotiating the particulars of luxury real estate on a daily basis is a tremendous benefit for my home owners that translates into their own success.

You represent some of the most prestigious properties and the high profile clients in the desert luxury real estate market. Why do you think people come to you to market their homes?

With 30 years’ experience in high-end desert real estate, I have a unique insight into our local market. I believe it’s my authentic approach to customer satisfaction that makes it possible for others to perceive me as a professional and that, in turn, has earned me many referrals and recommendations. Clients appreciate that my marketing program is individualized and exclusively detailed to their property. I’m also a very approachable and accessible kind of guy!

How does your affiliation with the Desert Estate Network benefit your clients?

The Desert Estates Network is the Coachella Valley’s premier consortium of real estate professionals. The Desert Estates Network is comprised of 20 – 25 high-profile, experienced brokers and agents from the most reputable brokerages and boutique offices in the desert resort cities who specialize in selling multi-million dollar, luxury real estate. As a network, we meet regularly to match Buyers’ and Sellers’ personalities with the right home in the right community.

Desert Estates Network of agents have represented the most discriminating Buyers and Sellers for over 20 years. Members from Palm Springs to La Quinta meet to compare market trends, exchange information on local properties and communities, and inspect the finest luxury homes for sale – even if they are not ‘officially’ listed in the industry-respected Multiple Listing Service (MLS).